Worst Televised Presidential Debate in US History.

Most media around the world have reported last night’s presidential debate as to the worst in US televised history.

The debate went ahead in Cleveland, Ohio which was one of the first of three planned televised debates.

Are we really suprised though!

Chris Wallace for all his debate experience was about as useless as a canoe without a paddle. He failed repeatedly to get a grip of Trump interrupting Biden over and over.


It was as I said car crash television at it’s very best with Biden getting that annoyed by Trump’s interruption that he vented with “Will you shut up, man? This is so unpresidential.“.

Trump was so unpresidential even Borat would have come of sounding much better. This was a carehome brawl with no real winners. As I foretold Trump made sure that he brough up Biden’s sons and corruption.

Only a president in complete meltdown would tell his white supremacist groups to “Stand back and stand by.“. This was part of Trump’s response when asked if he condemned white supremacist groups.

No real winner

As unhinged as Trump was there was no real winner last night. Yes, Joe Biden acted like a statesman, but it took him a long time to warm up.

Biden really struggled to get a coherent message out with Trump bullying and interrupting anytime Biden spoke.

Wallace the debate moderator was heard asking Trump “Mr President, let him answer,” or “Mr President, please stop.“.

The Fox news host even said “Frankly, you’ve been doing more interrupting,“.

Trump felt out of his depth with no supporters cheering at his disturbing usual sound bites. It was like a scene from the Muppets where the two elderly gentlemen in the balcony argue.


The only outcome was that this debate made the US look even weaker than it has been under the reigns of Donald Trump. Hopefully, now those sick with the usual politics want to just return to some normality.

It is hard to imagine anyone really gaining respect for the undignified like performance the President showed last night.

This is what we get when celebrities think they can run the country better than those trained for decades to do so. So hold take pause and remember if in future US elections you vote for the Kardashians or Kanye West then you reap what you sow.

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