World’s First Hydrogen Buses Arrive in Aberdeen

Hydrogen run buses arrive in Aberdeen to help tackle climate change.

A total of 15 hydrogen double-decker buses will be on the roads of the Aberdeen area by the end of October 2020.

The first will arrive today in Aberdeen, Scotland a city well known for hosting some of the world’s top oil companies.

Buses in Aberdeen are not the first public transport to use hydrogen in Britain. Trains are also being trialled to help the UK deal with its green initiative.

Hydrogen buses are not new as they have been used alongside internal combustion engines before. Now though buses are being made with hydrogen as their only source of power.

These buses will emit water vapour which produces zero emissions. They will consume four times fewer fuels than diesel buses. They can cover up to 300 miles on a single tank and can be refilled within 10 minutes.

The refuelling time makes them a much more viable option than electric buses which take much longer.

So what’s better hydrogen or electric buses?

Well, let’s look at the car industry when it comes to this question as we have more reliable data. We know the hydrogen car can travel around 330 miles before refuelling.

Even Tesla Model S which is the best electric car out there is about the same. However, some people have reported getting less from electric cars than hydrogen when they are loaded with more weight. More passengers than on buses would mean hydrogen may be a better option.

Its take only 5- 10 minutes to refuel a hydrogen car which is a much greater benefit than electric. The BMW i3 takes anywhere between 4 – 8 hours to fully charge.


The refuel time is the biggest benefit over electric at present!

For a more detailed look at the comparison between electric and hydrogen then visit youmatter and read their article.

These new hydrogen buses in Aberdeen will have to go through some tests for a few weeks. If everything goes well then they should be put into public service very soon.