US Election 2020: Battle of The Decade Tonight

Two men wanting the job as US President will come face to face for the very first time tonight.

Two men wanting the job as US President will come face to face for the very first time tonight.

That is correct Donald Trump and Joe Biden will meet on stage at the debate in the Case Western Reserve utility and the Cleveland Clinic Ohio.

The debate will be a 90-minute event with millions all over the world tuning in. They will stand side by side giving answers to the question raised by Fox News moderator Chris Wallace.

We know from past interviews that Chris Wallace has asked Trump the hard questions and has no great loyalty toward him. However, Chris does not run Fox News!

Rupert Murdoch pulls all the strings behind Fox News and he may reign in Chris Wallace, we will have to wait and see.

The excitement builds as we all wait for these two elderly men to battle it out. The spectacle will be similar to an argument over a lounge chair by two men suffering dementia in a care home.


No doubt Trump will be as incoherent as ever rambling, hoping his sound bites raise applause and cheers by his base in the audience.

Biden is not much better at times grasping to remember what he was about to say. This was certainly the case in some debates as a candidate in the Democratic elections.

The debate will most likely be car crash Television for Trump which the Republican will spin as a total success. You will wonder if you actually watched the same debate hearing their praise for the President.

The Democrats, on the other hand, will claim victory for Biden which in fairness will most likely be the case.

Not many leaders in history have actually gone into a debate with so many scandals under their belt. Trump is on the backfoot and may have to rely on Biden’s memory failing.

Top subjects

Some of the top subject likely to brought up by each other are:

Tax affairs

Trumps hairstylist is more than likely going to come under fire charging what is considered an absoloute fortune. Biden may bring up Trump’s latest Tax evasion scandal.

Trump put through over $70,000 in a tax deduction for his hair styling. Biden would be crazy not to push home the message that Trump’s lack of Tax is a slap in the face for his voters.

Trump will respond with his only reply that it shows how smart he is paying no tax. He has to be very careful with this response as it may have worked last time, I personally think that would be a mistake.

His base accepted that excuse during the Clinton debate. Trump’s base voters would have accepted any answer last time they had enough of the Democrats in office. Many have changed and they themselves grow weary of his crazy rhetoric.

The economy

Trump will play up how great everything is doing and how much better it will get. Expect to hear a lot of self-congratulatory phrases such as:

We built the greatest US economy in the history of the world, and now we are doing it again“.

The Coronavirus was God testing me to build the greatest economy in the history of the world“.

The economy will be rebuilt I am the only one that can do it“.

Let’s not forget him telling us how smart he is, most likely we will hear that he is the cleverest person ever.

Biden can win this argument if he stays on point and not get distracted by Trump’s outlandish comments about the economy. It will be difficult like standing next to that one friend at a party who talks a lot of BS. You just want to interrupt with “what a load of shit, have you listened to yourself“.


This is the most significant subject during the debate and we can expect Biden to hammer home Trump’s alleged failing during the pandemic.

Trump will most definetly respond with another self congratuarly response most likely.

They said 2 million deaths and I gave you only 200,000, no one in history has ever done such as a great job“.

At that point, the camera will focus on Chris Wallace as he shakes his head, but not in surprise at that response. We have come to treat such remarks by Trump as normal. This is the crazy surreal world we have all found ourselves in.


Overall the debate will end with both sides claiming victory over each other. Do not expect any level of real debate over the issues at hand or honesty in anyone’s answers. The debate will continue to make the media moguls billionaires as Trump has done since he ran as a candidate.

The reality check on the economy is that bit was doing well pre-pandemic which was mostly continuing a trend set up by the Obama administration.

The US economy has now contracted more than ever recorded with the highest unemployment rate in over 80 years. For more information then read the BBC’s report on The US Economy here.

Let the battle commcence.

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