Trump’s Nomination For The Supreme Court

The big controversy around Trump’s pick is that it is very close to an election.

Reports suggest that today Trump will announce who will replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the Supreme Court.

Leaks at the White House have him picking Amy Coney Barret. Ginsburg died after losing a fight to pancreatic cancer at the age of 87. Personally, I think that she should have retired as a much lower age.

There should be a mandatory retirement age for supreme court judges. I am not arguing that her mental faculties were compared but physical capability would have been well reduced.

One just needs to tune into the House of Lords in the United Kingdom parliament to see many elderly gentlemen having an afternoon nap at the public expense.

So who is Amy Coney Barret and why did Trump choose her?

She sits on the US circuit courts of appeal in the city of Chicago. Served as a law clerk to supreme court justice Anton Scalia who was considered her mentor. Also worked as a private lawyer in Washington DC and holds a PhD in law from Notre Dame Law School gained in 2002.

She has very strong conservative views on health care and LGBTQ rights. Reuters describes her as a favourite amongst religious conservatives.

She is for expansive gun rights and in favour of Trump’s anti-immigration policies. So pretty fair to place her in a box with the label’ right-wing Trump fanatic‘ or ‘Handmaids Tale Choice‘.

The big controversy around Trump’s pick is that it is very close to an election. So if he loads the Supreme Court with more pro-republican conservative judges it is in his possible favour.

Trump is preparing his ‘get our of jail card‘ in case he loses the election.

If Democrats win the next election holding a majority in the senate and congress then Trump could be impeached again. They could hold investigations into his past duties as President.

If any charges are laid against him he can rely on the supreme court ruling in his favour.

Additionally, if he wins the election a republican majority Supreme Court can also help him get passed many laws the Democrats do not want.

The worst-case scenario that is worrying the democrats is his ranting about voter fraud. It may be possible for him to hope the Supreme Court would rule the next election void due to voter fraud.

Republican Senators say yes.

The democrats have asked that he does not choose who replaces Ginsburg and allows the voting public to do so in a months time at the next election.

That happened in 2016 when the Republicans refused to grant Barack Obama’s choice of nominee Merrick Garland getting a hearing.

Many Republican Senators came out arguing that it was to close to an election and the people should decide. Well, the hypocrisy of Republican Senators shows no bounds and now faced with the shoe on the opposite foot they are ignoring their past decisions.

Apparently, it’s okay now to go ahead with Amy Coney’s hearing as well it benefits them and yeah why not!

Obviously, they are hoping for a Supreme Court that will be anti-abortion for the right-wing religious fanatics. It helps the Republicans Like Senator Mitt Romney an ultra-conservative Mormon bring about anti-abortion laws.

Well, let’s just hope we do not have another fiasco like Trump’s last choice of Brett Kavanaugh who loves to drink beer.

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