Trumps COVID Antics Get Censored by Facebook and Twitter

Trum at it again, getting his Tweet hidden and his Facebook post deleted.

Facebook had deleted a post in which President Trump claimed that Covid-19 was less lethal than the flu.

His Twitter read:

Twitter responded by hiding his post and displaying the top section and you have to click his tweet to read it.

There is real factual information shows that Covid-19 is a substantially higher mortality rate than the flu. In fact, it is considered by all major health officials over the world to be over 10 times more deadly.

At some point, you would expect republican colleagues, family, or friends to reign him in. The unimaginable deaths he is causing due to his poor messaging about Covid-19 is frightening.

Thankfully, social networking sites are helping to combat his antics.

Many American citizens who face Covid-19 will not have a team of Doctors around them in a top hospital as Trump did.

His remarks about Covid-19 being less harmful than the flu are part of his self-congratulatory disorder. He now seeks praise since he contracted the virus and lived.

Expect to see him at his rallies with quotes such as “I was the best at beating Covid-19″ or “Only I could beat Covid-19“. He always finished these ridiculous comments with “so I’m told”.

Which idiot is telling him this stuff? The more likely answer is his paranoid self conscious.

He will look at contracting the virus as something to be praised. The real question he should be asking himself is “How dumb was I not to wear a mask“. The answer is simple, don’t worry it was nothing out of the normal for you.

The worrying thing is his terrible messaging helps seed conspiracy theories. Many more are starting to believe that the pandemic is not real!

It’s like pouring gasoline on a fire.

Anti-mask Facebook groups are posting his message and revelling in their triumph. Then someone close to them dies and reality hits home.

I have always thought how history would have changed had Trump been US President in this situation:

After Pearl Harbour Attack

Trump comment “Hideki Tojo (Japanese Prime Minister) is a good guy, I know him he loves me, it’s all fake news.”.

Bombing of Horoshima

Trump comment “Oppenheim is smart, not as smart as me. In fact, I could have made this bomb even quicker, so I have been told.“.

Cuban Missle Crisis

Trump “I don’t mind Khrushchev putting missiles in Cuba. If I did it they would be the best and even bigger ever.“.

Always good to bring a bit of light humour to an article in times like these.

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