Trump Send The Wrong Message About Covid-19


That memorable quote from Peter Benchley (the Jaws author) “Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water” reminds me of Trump being released from the hospital since contracting COVID-19.

Did no one think that it would be a good chance for a pshycoligical evalution?

President Trump the man was has resided over Covid-19 while over 210,000 Americans have died and over 7.5 million still have the virus and spreading. I mean in the US the second wave is phenomenal and literally out of control.

So just when the people need some reassurance about the virus pandemic, Trumps tells them to “get out there“! He was just released from the hospital and still has the virus and his message is clearly going to cause unneeded deaths.

Medical experts have warned that this type of language will only lead to more casual behaviour. More casual behaviour will most definitely lead to more deaths.

The US does not need Bin Laden or ISIS as the bogeyman, they elected him for God sake.

History is always our judge and it will show that Trump, elected Republican Congresspeople and Senators gave the country the wrong message. Which has caused over 210,000 deaths, many that could have been avoided.

We all know Trump is unhinged and has mental health problems, but these Republican politicians were elected to protect their constituents. They have failed them by allowing Trump to send the wrong message repeatedly.

I am in NO doubt that within the next decade Senate hearings will be held looking to hold Trump and those involved with him accountable for those deaths.

This is what happens when you elect celebrities to run a country that only trained politicians are able to do.

I have sat in plenty of taxi’s listening to the driver telling me how easy it is to run a government. That does not mean I would elect him to protect us!

Yes, we were all despondent a few years ago when it came to politicians and elections. We all felt that nothing ever changed just the same suits in government making the wrong decisions.

The problem is change takes time!

We were impatient to wait and elected Trump and Boris. Two B class celebrities that came from privileged backgrounds. Now we are paying the price realising they never were going to be world-class leaders.

Thankfully, the US only has until January to continue the suffering from Covid-19 at the hands of the Trump. Biden has proved himself to be more stable in the past. Yes, he is a career politician and not really what people want. However, due to the COVID pandemic “better the devil you know“.

The Russians will continue to create havoc in the US elections. Trump will do nothing about it as he views it as a win-win. In reality, if it continues Russia will succeed in running the US into the chaos with this type of subterfuge.

Why should we blame them the US has undermined many elections of other countries in the past.

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