Trump Is About To Spit His Dummy Out Again

What Trump is realising that his chants of ‘lock him up’ are not going to make much headway.

Even before any presidential debate between Biden Trump is spitting his dummy out of the pram. Trump argues that Chris Wallace from now let me get this right ‘Fox News’ will be unfair in the debate. Trump argues the ultra-right-wing news broadcaster run by the Murdock family won’t run a fair debate!

What Trump is realising that his chants of ‘lock him up’ are not going to make much headway. He realises that the people are not so much fed up of the usual mainstream politics but him.

In 2016 Trump had a United States public weary of the usual politics and willing to take a chance on something completely different. The problem is that within a short time people began to realise that not all was what it seemed.

Trump knows that he is behind the polls and in no way ready to take on Biden in any debate based on his last disastrous four years. Therefore, he does what he is good and trying to undermine the whole debate.

Trump argues that Chris Wallace “is good, but I would be willing to bet that he won’t ask Biden tough questions“. What Trump would like is the whole debate to be about Bidens son and allegedly receiving money from Ukrainian oil companies.

Trump knows that his time in office has been one of the rockiest of any United States President in history. His controversy that gained him traction as a candidate will go against him in any debate.

The first debate will take place in Cleveland Ohio on Tuesday. Biden’s best strategy would be to let Trump go on one of his unhinged rants and stay on point.

I expect some great car crash television moments on this debate so please watch it.

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