Trump Given Drug To Cure COVID Derived From an Abortion

Trump administered and claims drug was a blessing from God or was it?

Trump has stood on an anti-abortion platform since 2016 gaining votes from the evangelical churches and the ultra-right-wing on this issue.

He continues to promote anti-abortion rhetoric during this campaign. He recently appointed supreme court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barret. She is believed to hold anti-abortionist views and could help turn over the right to an abortion in the US.

With this in mind, many of the large evangelical churches hope this will happen by supporting Trump. However, some are moving their support to Biden and more will follow after Trump’s recent comments about a potential cure.

Trump was just released from Walter Reed Medical Center after being hospitalised for contracting Covid-19. He made several statements and gave a press interview the next day.

When talking about him catching the virus he declared “like a blessing from God that I caught it a blessing in disguise“. He then went onto talk about how this drug he was given was the potential cure.

The drugs were a cocktail developed by ‘Regeneron’, which is not a cure and not approved been approved as one.

Trump stated that “I heard about this drug, let me take this, it’s incredible the way it worked“. He then went onto suggest that he would make it free so everyone in the US could have it.

This story takes a strange turn.

What Trump did not realise was the cells used to develop the drug are known as HEK-293T. These were originally taken from an embryonic kidney after an elective abortion in the 1970s.

These cells are the most widely used cells in laboratories across the world for varies drugs. Trump has tried to stop all research for embryonic stem cells. In January this year, he told his supporters “We stopped the federal funding of fetal tissue research”.

In 2020 the Republican party called for a ban on any federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. This is because the HEK cells are derived from an embryo.

So Trump is going to make an alleged COVID drug free to all US citizens even though it derived from an abortion?

Not only that he told us that the drug was a blessing from God!

This gaff will most likely not affect his fanatical base during his attempt at re-election in November. It will worry a good few evangelical churches wondering what God he is referring to.

Trump will more than likely claim it was fake news or a left-wing conspiracy. He also tends to what is termed ‘shoot from the hip‘ when it comes to giving statements to the press. Anything that will get him praise usually only I could have, or I’m the smartest etc.

I do not see this issue hurting him much as the right-wing is entrenched and dug in for the long fight. There is no central ground for republican anymore. They have chosen their leader and ready to go down with him.

It is bunker mentality much like we saw in Berlin in 1945.

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