The Political Lie

President Trump during a rally

There is a false narrative or what good old President Trump termed for us “Fake News” doing the rounds among Republican supporters and politicians in the U.S It is the big bad scary “Socialism”! Yes, the evil Russian Soviet Union style tyranny of Socialism is being used for another project fear campaign.

Just when you thought it was getting to be an old trick you were wrong. No, the Republicans are pushing it around Twitter more and more as the days go on that if you vote Democrat then you better get ready for a long queue for toilet rolls and sharing your apartment with nine other families.

However, he is not the only politician to lie to the general public and create fake news! I can remember back in the UK when David Cameron first stood for election and won. The political lie was that the Labour government had spent all the money and created the financial crash of 2007. I can remember watching this noticing how slowly Labour during that election responded to the false narrative or what is now termed “Fake News’ being constructed.

Sure Labour was partly to blame for the crash due to loose financial regulation as were previous Conservative governments. However, this was part of a world financial meltdown due to bad debt. Labour even after the general election did not put in place a proper strategy to fight this fake news. Neither did the Scottish National Party as the independence bid failed in Scotland when the No Campaign lied.

The problem is that it is no longer just the odd politician that lies, it is the political party as a whole will carry on with a false narrative. The most significant difficulty tackling this lie is that usually, the independent media would highlight the deception. Now though politicians just call it “fake news”! It is no longer the case of what are the facts, but my facts. You can have your own opinion, but there exists only one set of facts.

This situation is exacerbated by media that are not really independent and usually political aligned, helping aid fake news. Media has always been aligned to parties in one way or another, but it is now getting worse due to them being driven by individuals like Rupert Murdoch with Fox News.

Polls used to be something that we could trust or at least get an indication as to who may end up in power. Whose figures do we believe as they vary and politicians have come up with a new strategy under pressure they will state a non-existent poll. When challenged later about the statement they will take time and pick a survey to fit since what they said. Polls cannot be trusted in one day in the US a Fox News, and CNN poll about the same subject can show different figures. This is due to how poll questions are constructed, and what was the audience to get the poll information from.

Mainstream media know how to manipulate polls to get the desired answers you need!

The future is bleak as people who take jobs reporting fake news and going along with a political lie are complicit. They know when they are sitting in meetings trying to come up with weak polls, poor witnesses (statements from people without checking their reliability) and using network rivalry they are weakening their democracy. Individual reporters and staff of these media outlets could not hold their bosses alone complicit with arguments such as “I would lose my job if I didn’t do it”.

One way around this is that media companies should have to put a banner across the screen or at the top of their front page of a newspaper highlighting their political allegiance. At least this way the general public will know who they really represent. It would be good to see a banner across CNN which says “A Democrats Aligned Media Outlet” before they make remarks about President Trump. This is probably wishful thinking yet something has to shift as it has grown to the point where there is no real independent media, just corporate news.

2020 Election Fake News

One of President Trump most popular narratives during his last election that grew great support from his MAGA base was a threat from Mexico. It was that if a wall is not built the US will be overrun by machete-wielding drug fulled Mexicans running around.

Which brings me to ponder what will this next election’s fake news narrative be, maybe Democrats and Socialism. Remember, his previous phoney news stories were backed up with mainstream media outlets. It was Hitler’s Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels that stated that if you tell a lie and keep repeating it that people will eventually come to believe it. For that, to work, you would need partners in crime! Since President Trump does not have his own media outlet, he relies on other’s to help.

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