I recently watched a video from down under (Australia) that showed a man trying to preach to a crowded train. He stood in a packed subway train teaching about God and Jesus Christ. The crowd were understandably upset at him ranting and raving. As I watched I realised that people need some help when dealing with a believer like this.

You must establish if they know for a fact, God exists, and they generally say yes. The solution is explaining to them fact from opinion.

Their belief that God exists usually is a feeling that they know for a fact he does. Or the evidence of us and the earth is enough proof. They often try to use science to make their case even though Christianity probably held back the development of Western civilisations by 1,000 years. Yes, the Catholic Church and US evangelical sects did not always like science. Learning in the areas medicine, astrology, mathematics, and others were limited. I do not need to go into that, and we can agree on these facts.

So the believer knows for a fact that God exists, yet this is only their opinion. Facts are a thing known to been proven true. Christians have two main theories as to why you can not view, hear, or touch God. Firstly, that he works in a mysterious way, second is that he is testing your faith in believing in someone you cannot view. In other words, he is giving you free agency to believe in a theory based on weak evidence.

They may suggest that the world is proof that God exists. Okay, let’s look at that for a moment and agree this is a theory and possible. Well, many people have come up with theories to the existence of the Earth and human beings. Each has its own merits and yet none are proven to be true.

I am not suggesting that the God theory does not have equal worth for the Earth’s creation. I am saying that it is not a fact as it is not proven true.

The usual argument to this is Occam’s razor which is just a distraction. They use the theory that the most simple explanation is usually true. Well God is not the most straightforward explanation by far.

I use a simple method to show that just believing in something does not mean it is true. I explain that you have to have proof that something is true and, get them to agree their idea of facts is flawed.

You can use anything for this and I usually use a Can of Soda. I ask them if they can see the can I am holding in my hand. It would be strange if they did as there is none and I know this. I inform them this can is a God that created the Earth and human beings. I go onto tell them that this God has spoken to me and relayed what he wants us to do.

Then I continue to state that I know for a fact it exists.

Now they may tend to dismiss you with as being silly. However, this is the same argument they are making for their God. They are asking you to believe to something based not on fact but feelings. There is no proof of a soul, and the existence of one is not proven to be true.

The idea is to make them realise what they are asking of you when they say they know for a fact he exists. We all state we know things based on emotional feelings. They are not considered facts. I know who my Mother is based on a birth certificate. This is a fact!
I do not know who will win the next world cup that is only my emotions hoping that it is my team. I know that can of soda I am holding is NOT real.

You have to establish the difference between facts and opinions. A fact is described as a statement that can be verified or proved to be true. Opinion is an expression of judgment or belief about something.

So next time you are confronted with someone telling you, they know God exists. Ask if that is a fact and if not then you will take their opinion under advisement.

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