NHS Boss Quits Costing Us a Fortune of £240,000

Chief executive worked for the NHS given nearly a quarter of a million pounds of tax payer’s money.

Chief executive Siobhan McArdle who worked for the South Tees NHS Foundation Trust was given nearly a quarter of a million pounds of tax payer’s money.

She worked in the failing NHS trust and told work colleagues she quit as “life too short”. Well, she will have a nice few years while the rest of us struggle as her severance payment was worth £240,000.

The irony is she also told her staff she was leaving because now wait for it, she could not face making more cuts to the NHS services. Well if she really felt that way then why didn’t McArdle refuse her ridiculous severance payment.

She did not deserve the payment as she and others at the foundation were out of touch a crucial inspection found. Safety improvements were ordered due to the checks.

Ms McArdle, 52, has been working as the chief executive for four years. She also picked up £382,000 between 2019-20 when she quit her job last September. This included her ‘get this’, salary for six months which was £120,000 and overtime payments of £22,000.

In addition to that, she received £180,000 in lieu of notice and a further £60,000 which was three months more pay.

Lacking Morals

Now, this is a person who has shown she lacks the very basic morals that we expect from most people in society. She even billed her own health department trust for her parking fines which amounted to £149.

It would be reasonable for people that work at NHS England to be very angry at this fiasco. While many essential NHS workers fight daily to save people infected with Covid-19. Siobhan McArdle is most likely planning her next heist of taxpayers in the United Kingdom.

Well at present she won’t look out of place wearing her mask to rob us some more.

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