Margaret Ferrier MP Just Won’t Quit!

The SNP politician said having the killer bug made her “act out of character”.

A brief reminder Margaret Ferrier was the SNP MP who travelled on public transport over 350 miles even after she knew she had COVID-19.

She has now come out of the hiding or as she calls it ‘isolation’ and made some weird claims. Margaret has made a statement in which she says “she had no intention of standing down”.

She also claimed that having the virus made her “act out of character”. However, this didn’t fit with one comment she made which was that after having mild symptoms she felt great on Monday.

Now you cannot have it both ways either you acted strange due to the effects you were suffering or had no symptoms at all?

Margaret will continue to get her £82,000 per year MP salary for the time being or until the police deal with the incident.

I mean this was a woman after feeling symptoms and awaiting a test went to her local church and even gave a reading. She was literally willing to gamble with people lives.

Hopefully, the SNP will terminate her membership and the constituents will be able to remove Margaret. No doubt she will claim she is being victimised or bullied by the media.

The case is there were very clear guidelines that she knew to follow. At this point, we do not know how many people she may have infected that possibly could die.

The infection is rising fast in Scotland and many scientists predict it will become out of control. Well, it doesn’t help when the people you elect help spread it.

If your a constituent of Margaret it really does not matter how many great achievements she is claiming to have done. She may have spread the virus and possibly killed the some of you.

In the tile for an MP is the word ‘honourable’ is used! Well, hopefully, Margaret will make the honourable decision and resign as an MP.

Show that you are not staying on just for the salary and set an example of those constituents that break the rules must suffer.

Lead by example before you go!

The total cases of COVID in the UK stand at over 600,00 and rising fast.

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