Is Covid-19 Outbreak Really That Bad in Britain

Some estimates suggest that COVID-19 cases have risen by more than 60% in one week to a rise of 9,600 in one day.

Some estimates suggest that COVID-19 cases have risen by more than 60% in one week to a rise of 9,600 in one day. Although the government tracking app has a substantially higher figure of 16,000.

So it is anywhere between 9,500 and 16,000 of UK citizens get infected each day. In all nearly 150,000 citizens in the UK are infected showing symptoms. Now it is unclear how many people that are asymptomatic and show no signs of infection.

It was previously said that this figure could be 40% which would make it another 4,000 to 7,000 infected each day. So the total may be anywhere between. 13,500 and 23,000 infected each day. Additionally, as more are infected then it will spread in greater numbers.

Now, these numbers are only for England and Wales. The worrying factor is that the virus is spreading in all age groups. Knowing how many are infected is unreliable anyway due to the lack of mass testing.

If you were to test the whole of the population in one day that would give you a very accurate result but with limitations. This is unlikely to happen due to the scale required. The limitation is that the virus has an incubation period where it will not show on any test.

During the last lockdown period with very strict restriction and the majority of the workforce staying home, the virus was halted to a point. Some problems that prevented the eradication of the virus from the population was mainly based on several reasons.

We lifted the lockdown to soon and allowed movement of travel freely over most countries.

Now that the UK government is unwilling to commit to such a stringent lockdown it is hard to see us reducing the number of infections as the last lockdown did.

The main reason for this not so stringent lockdown is mainly based on economic purposes. I am not arguing the government is wrong to do so. They have a difficult task of trying to keep the country afloat economical while accepting a higher death toll due to COVID-19.

Many people have argued that when a vaccine comes along everything will go back to normal. If COVID-19 is anything like the flu then it will be here with us for a very long time.

You see we do not have one strain of the flu there are many. Each year the NHS attempts to mass immune those most likely to be infected with the flu.

They use a strain that is the most severe that year and most of the flu death for the year come from other strains and those not immunised or where immunisation failed.

So scientists expect COVID-19 to produce other strains as we vaccine a population against it, as it will most likely mutate. So it may take more than once vaccine we simply do not know yet.

One thing is for sure that even after 2021 populations all over the globe will most likely still be wearing masks and going through lockdowns from time to time.

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