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You don’t need to prove God exists!

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When an atheist and a person of faith get into a debate about a God one issue often comes up. That is the onus is placed on the atheist to prove that God does not exist.

I usually stop the conversation with…

Nope hold on you are the one suggesting that something exists with no facts to prove it does exist. Therefore, it would be upto you to prove that it exists not me.

Rather than answer you with facts, that a God exists they play some parlour mind tricks. They will include arguments to still place the onus on you. This is because their religion requires a belief without any proof. Many of the arguments they use have been around for a while and get into the realms of philosophical thinking.

I usually turn the argument around with my can of Coca-Cola God, and it goes like this. I inform them that I now believe in a God called Cola and that it is a soft drink can sitting on the floor and I point to it. I have never seen this God but it created everything and it is all-powerful. Now I ask them if they can see it.

There is no can but, you have used the same logic they did to prove something exists. Putting all the philosophical arguments to one side the issue is about facts. Facts are something that is known to have happened or to exist, especially something for which proof exists. In the case of a God, these turn into scientific facts since now most adherents believe in science being good and no longer burning scientists at the stake.

They will ask you to look around you and argue that God created all this. The problem is that it could all be a lucid dream and nothing exists except in your mind. The most accurate reason for what you see around you is evolution. Evolution is a proven science and not a theory anymore due to the abundance of evidence we have acquired.

Some people of faith argue that you accept that no one can be 100% accurate and give some unrelated examples. There is no factual evidence that a God exists and at present, so you are 100% sure a God does not exist.

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