Coronavirus Global Cases Pass 1 million and Rising

The number of people that have died from Covid-19 has now exceeded 1 million.

The number of people that have died from Covid-19 has now exceeded 1 million. This is according to a report by Johns Hopkins University with no real sign of it slowing down.

So 1 million people worldwide have died from the virus since it began nine months ago. The problem is those figures are more than likely much higher as many deaths have been unreported or put down to other causes.

A World health organization official on Monday stated that “If anything, the numbers currently reported probably represent an underestimate of those individuals who have either contracted Covid-19 or died as a cause of it,“.

Mike Ryan of the WHO told a Geneva briefing that “When you count anything, you can’t count it perfectly but I can assure you that the current numbers are likely an underestimate of the true toll of COVID.“.

The country with the highest number of deaths the United States of America with over 200,000, followed by Brazil at 142,000. India’s has released figure well below that of the US which is 95,000.

COUNTRY                TOTAL CASES
United States          205,072
Brazil                 142,058
India                   96,318
Mexico                  76,603
United Kingdom          42,001

This handy link shows a world map from the WHO with Covid-19 related statistics and data.

It is thought that many countries are under-reporting Covid-19 deaths such as Syria and Iran. This is done for economic or political reasons. Due to this, we will never really know the true figure of global Covid-19 deaths.

Under-reporting Covid-19 deaths

With all the sophisticated technology governments will get in the way or accurate reporting for their own gains. Therefore, we cannot really expect to eradicate this virus globally any time soon.

Some of the countries expected of under-reporting are Turkey with only 8,062 deaths so far. Pakistan has reported 6,474 deaths of Covid-19.

The sad thing is that due to our capitalistic systems governments are putting the economy ahead of deaths. They tell us more people will die due to a bad economy than Covid-19 if they do not act in this way.

The other alternative they have is to strip the very rich of their wealth and make the less than 1% pay for the virus. The problem with this strategy is the 1% have considerable influence over those governments.

That can change when we vote in the next elections as the people in democratic societies have the ability to make real change. Vote for people that want to replace the current balance of wealth with something fairer.

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