Chaos On Streets As London Goes Into Tier 2 Lockdown

Your business is not as valuable as one person that may die due to lack of social distancing.

After the Tier 2 level came into effect many over London left the pubs and took to the streets. Some media outlets reported them as protesting about this being their final night of freedom!

The Met Police clashed with many of these revellers breaking any social distancing rules. The Met’s Deputy Assistant Commissioner Matt Twist told the Evening Standard, “This is a critical moment in London’s fight against this deadly virus.”.

Mr Twist tried to play down the incidents that it was a small number of people causing the chaos. The problem is that many photographers were out to get that perfect shot showing the opposite and they were not disappointed.

If you check The Sun online article there are hundreds involved and many photos showing that is the case.

The majority of people in London have accepted the new system and go into tier 2 knowing that they can help save lives. Those involved in that incident last night need to understand that their actions may go onto kill people.

I have witnessed people all over the country now protesting against wearing masks and lockdown measures. Now at the height of the blitz Luftwaffe bombers killed 4,677 people in 28 days. In April this year in a four week period Covid death rate for London was 4,697.

So this virus overtook the blitz highest death rate and this time is looking even more fatal this surge. It is not like the blitz as there are no warnings of a whistle from a bomb falling toward you. At least then you had a chance to run or maybe get in a bunker.

This time it is your partner, relative or close friend visiting you after being at the pub last night. The virus continues to spread through irresponsible people, not social distancing.

We all dislike lockdown measure but hate the idea of a loved one dying of a virus. Like the Mayor of Liverpool who was defiant until he found out that his brother has caught COVID and is in a bad way.

He is not the only one as we have literally seen hundreds on social media at the beginning calling this a hoax. Then appearing on Twitter looking for sympathy as they may have given it to a loved one.

We are at war and the enemy is an unseen killer. We have been giving instructions on how to prevent the enemy from killing people.

You have a clear choice to make which side you are on!

As for people that may lose their pub or gym business we get it. It is not fair but please stop jumping on the bandwagon trying to create problems that are unnecessary.

Your business is not as valuable as one person that may die due to lack of social distancing. If you think it is, wait until it is your relative that dies due to someone, not social distancing.

Please remember if your business does not abide by the social distancing guidelines people can possibly take a civil action later if someone dies. I saw one gym owner from Liverpool protesting that people had to finish their session before he would close.

He was defiant that Pure Gym would support him all the way to stay open. The statement you are making with that example is “I really do not care who dies, I am more interested in keeping my business open”.

If that were my gym I would cancel my membership pretty quick, as he is putting profit over your health. Which is an ironic statement for a gym but true all the same.

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