Andy Burnham May Get His Fingers Burnt

Andy Burnham holding the government ‘over a barrel’, says Raab.

On Thursday Andy Burnham told the media he would stand firm against any plans to move Greater Manchester into tier 3 lockdown.

Andy is playing a dangerous game and could get his fingers burnt!

He is arguing that the governments approach on asking the Greater Manchester area to lockdown is gambling with resident jobs, homes and businesses.

Andy is supposedly looking after the welfare of people of that region or is he? To me it appears like he is simply playing a dangerous game of politics and may well lose.

If Boris gives in and does not force him to lockdown then Andy is gambling that many people will not die and COVID will have a light impact. The problem is this has been tried by many US mayors and Governors and it cost them most likely their next election.

In a way, Boris has the best hand as either way he can take credit for saving lives or blame Andy for causing more. I think Andy has not really thought this one through and began by merely showboating for his city.

Yes, it is great he is thinking about the economic problems this will cause but surely immediate deaths are more prevalent. Either way, he may please a considerable amount of people from Greater Manchester and yet the rest of the country will view him as wreckless playing with peoples lives.

Even if Andy gives into Boris how can he hope that the citizens in Greater Manchester will obey the tier 3 lockdown? Why should they when their mayor has already told them its not a good idea?

Andy is boxing himself into a corner and should have known better.

If this situation continues then any village, country or region can hold the government to ransom. Boris knows this and will surely force Greater Manchester in submission.

Boris Johnson through the whole of this pandemic has appeared to act slowly and made some poor judgements. It is like a Tory party who is tired with power or become complacent thinking that they are invisible.

Trump and Boris will pay at their elections due to the poor COVID performance. The Conservative party will not be beaten by Labour at the next election but by something we cannot even see…COVID.

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