About Us

Welcome to Source of Wisdom a blog that highlights at time satirical views on mainstream new items from all over the world.

It helps to have a sense of humour when commenting on current new items that we are bombarded with hourly. Mainstream news media get to frame the story either in a positive or negative way. They do not get to say what they are really thinking.

Source of Wisdom has no political biases viewing left middle and right of society with the exact same view. We hold no allegiance to any political party or country and you will read our thoughts on what is really going on.

We hold no religious affiliation or deny anyone the right to practice religion peacefully. Although, at times many of our stories will point out the obscurities of religion, politics and culture in our societies.

So strap yourself in and start reading some of our articles to find some source of wisdom in all the hype.

If you have any question or comments then please get in touch we would be glad to hear from you.