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Israel Palestine Conflict

We are viewing a conflict getting close to being a century old. The historical right to the land is difficult to determine. Some have argued that this is because there are two opposing histories involved. Although a creative idea, the fact is that both have a right to the land during different periods of history.

Only one natural history is tied up in two stories told by people who lived in Israel / Palestine. The main problem with the lens through which history is viewed is religion. Once again, people are being slaughtered like lambs ( a biblical term) for the sake of fictitious religious rights. Ironically, there are many words to describe this conflict from a book which was relevant thousands of years ago.

They are not fighting drugs that can cure cancer, scientific resources that can help cure dementia, or the concept of stopping world poverty. Nothing remotely close, only the claim to land given by a fictitious deity with no proof that they exist. We have arrived at 2023, and once again, the conflict all over our TV screens is religiously based. People are killing and dying practically in my eyes for absolutely nothing.

My only thought is that in the hundreds of years to come when religion has been eradicated from society, we can look back. The main actors in this conflict will not be remembered as martyrs but as deluded adults who loved killings. I do not see the innocent people being killed as complicit. They have been fooled since they were young by ancestors who set a trend of believing in the mysterious over fact.

If you are a person in this conflict who did kill for religious beliefs, then you are complicit in the murder of human beings. No one should ever condone anyone killing another human over a religious argument. I understand this is a land dispute. However, the whole conflict is based on a sacred right, which negates in reality that it has any legitimacy.

I do not see this conflict being solved anytime soon, especially with the Christian element being the elephant in the room. Christian waits on the sideline, hoping this is their revelation at hand. When, in fact, nothing of the sort is happening, and as usual, they will be disappointed the world is not about to end.

As far as I am concerned, there is no solution to one state, and only two can exist. No good can come from this new wave of violence in this conflict. Some argue that it will help with the two-state solution to be restarted. They may be right but at what cost?

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