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Was Muhammad Guilty of Underage Sex?

This topic is really controversial and many people steer away from the issue due to it being about Islam’s most prominent figure.

Muhammad was the person behind the new religion in the seventh century called Islam, and those who practice it are Muslims.

His youngest wife he married was called Aisha who was only 6 years old when she was married to Muhammad. The consummation of her marriage to Muhammad was when she reached the age of 9.

Now there is some controversy on the age of consumption and others argue that it was years later when Aisha was 12 or 13 years old.

This confusion comes down to a book used in Islam called the Hadiths which were sayings of the prophet. This was completed much later after Muhammad had died.

So the other excuses Muslims give is that we are taking all this out of context and child marriage was common in the ancient world. This was not often the case and if we look at Judaism at that time females cannot marry until the age of 12 and have undergone puberty.

We also know from the mention of Aisha hadith in the eighth century that the idea of what we today call “child marriage” was not considered socially unacceptable in its time by Muslims.

Marriage at 6 or even as suggested by some 9 was really early. If the consummation did go ahead at 9 years old then even taking context aside Muhammad was clearly a paedophile. If it was later at 13 years old then taking ancient practices into effect in that region it was deemed normal.

Even today in Iran an older man of any age can marry a female only 13 years old which is paedophilia under most Western laws. And yet, the vast majority of reasonable Muslims today would not wish to marry off their own daughters at such a young age. They realize the changes in societies worldwide.

It is hard even for me to imagine any girl at 13 being married let alone having sex with a much older man. However, context is key when it comes to history and what is wrong in our minds now was deemed correct back then.

Now let’s look at another subject I won’t go into today which is was Jesus Christ gay? Now my clear answer is no as in those days under Jewish law he would have been stoned to death.

I do want to make one point though! Which is when I mentioned Jesus you more than likely didn’t feel as uncomfortable with that subject as you did with Muhammad being a paedophile. This is due to Muslims not being objective in discussing Islam as Christians are with their faith.

All religions should be open to debate and all subjects within that religion. Will I have offended some people? Yes, more than likely which proves that I have the right to free speech. If I live in a country with that right then you also have the right to practice any religion. One is connected to the other.

If you would like to know any more facts about Islam Christianity or any other religion then please comment.

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