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Islam & The Winged Donkey Problem

There is one subject I would like to discuss that many people do not know about. This is the religion of Islam and the winged donkey problem.

Yes, you heard that right, a winged donkey. Islam is not the only religion with mentions of unusual creatures. For instance, in Mormonism, there is a reference to a giant green reptile-like creature.

But for now, let’s focus on Islam and Muhammad’s famous night journey mentioned in the Quran. In the Quran 17:1, it is called the “al-isra,” during which Muhammad is said to have visited the mosque in Mecca and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Not only that he traveled to heaven and saw many figures mentioned in the Old & New Testament. In fact, Muslims pay special attention to the month of Rahab which is to remember Muhammad’s journey.

The problem is this journey, which took place in the seventh century, and impossible to accomplish in a single night. In fact, using camels, it would have taken about a month to travel that distance then.’

Later Islamic apologists had to deal with this Journey mentioned in the Quran. They devised the fantastical tale of Muhammad being flown on the back of a winged donkey-like creature. This may have worked in the seventh century when people still believed in creatures like dragons, Pegasus, and monsters.

Again the problem with ancient texts is that they are problematic in a modern scientific world. We also wonder why God had to use a winged donkey to visit places when he is meant to be all-powerful. Could he not have just transported him there like something out of Star Trek?

No, because the whole episode shows how unreliable these ancient texts were. Their purpose was for the people at that time and not now.

Muslim apologists will now try to suggest that it was a dream Muhammad had a vision. The reason is they have to as time has moved on. No sane person would still believe anything other. You would have to be deluded or lying to yourself to suggest otherwise.

I hope this small snippet of Islam shows that religious old texts are not fit for modern society.

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