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Tommy Robinson and Islam


In the last 20 years, Westerners have become more acquainted with a religion called Islam. Islam feels alien to Westerners as the religion is based around the Arabic language and practices, unfamiliar to modern Christianity. The reason is the founders of the religion came from Arabia. Islam is third of the Abrahamic religions the first being Judaism and then Christianity. The three religions all...

Special Kind Of Hell For this Guy


If hell existed then Jesse Duplantis would have a first class ticket. He is a televangelist preacher in the US who recently asked his followers for $54 million to buy a new jet. Now he already owns three private jets and tells his audience in a video that this new one can get further. $54 MIllion For NEw Jet His followers must be some of the most deluded or vulnerable people on this planet. Jesse...

Ireland and abortion


It has been a difficult month for the people in Ireland bombarded where ever they go with Pro or Anti-abortion campaigns. This Friday they go to the polls to decide whether abortion becomes legal. The subject is emotive and an issue not just for women but all genders. ICeland The anti-abortion campaign has highlighted that in Iceland nearly all fetuses determined to have the condition with downs...

True David V Goliath


I watched the awful spectacle on TV yesterday when they had a ceremony for the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem. The images were some of the most surreal I have ever seen. On the left, a wealthy elite celebrating the action brought about by President Trump, who has about much understanding of the middle east as a serial killer does about empathy.

Frank Graham being hypocritical!


Frank Graham He is not as successful as his father Frank Graham who is the son of the deceased evangelical preacher, Billy Graham. Frank, unlike his father, does not associate in the same political sphere. Billy was a preacher from a meagre background who became a world-renowned name converting masses to evangelic Christianity. Billy Graham described as “closest thing to a national pope...

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